Promotionen - Kooperativ

Academic Presentation Skills


06.09.2022, 09:00–17:30 Uhr

Trainerin: Lesley-Anne Weiling

Ort: HS Bochum

Sprache: Englisch

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Presenting at international conferences can offer an invaluable platform to increase your visibility and enhance your reputation as a scholar. But presenting in English, especially if it’s not your native language can be daunting. This workshop offers you the opportunity to practice the necessary skills to get your message across in a compelling and confident manner. Our workshop focuses on a powerful presentation structure, phrases and vocabulary to engage your audience, clear pronunciation and confident body language. Take the opportunity to experiment with different approaches in a lively, fun and constructive environment.


Target Audience

This course is for doctoral candidates from any discipline. Participants are encouraged to bring a short, 8-10 minute presentation to the workshop. This will be an opportunity for individual feedback and coaching. The level of English should be intermediate or above.



  • Understanding what makes a successful conference presentation
  • Structuring your presentation for catching and retaining audience attention
  • Learn to articulate your ideas clearly with useful phrases and vocabulary
  • Discover how story telling can better engage your audience
  • Improve fluency with a focus on your voice and pronunciation
  • Learn key rhetorical devices to keep your audience engaged
  • Recognise what your body language is communicating and how you can project credibility and confidence
  • Understand the inner game: How to control nerves and present with poise
  • Practice handling the question and answer session
  • Learn about rehearsing and self-editing tips
  • Design tips for visuals and slides especially complex figures and graphs
  • Receive video based feedback and access to your video after the course



  • Pair & small group work
  • General Discussion
  • Individual feedback/coaching (including video)


This workshop is a lively, interactive session where everyone has the opportunity to present. I ask participants to prepare a short presentation in advance of the workshop to allow us to identify and coach individual needs.


Lesley-Anne is from Ireland and holds an honours degree in Modern History from Queens University Belfast. She specialises in training and coaching doctoral candidates, postdocs and senior re-searchers in spoken and written English. She is co-founder of the Cologne-based consultancy Write English.

Her interrest in academic writing began in 2010 when she began lecturing in business communication and academic writing in the International Management Programme at the IUBH. Since then, she has gone on to train academic writing throughout Europe including at the University of Cologne, TU Berlin, LISER in Luxembourg and Bonn University. In addition to teaching scientific writing, she also corrects and edits academic articles for publication in peer reviewed journals.

Before relocating to Germany, Lesley-Anne worked as a senior manager in the UK. As head of a sales division, she learned the value of excellent communication skills. Now she coaches researchers on how to create their elevator pitch and how to present with confidence and impact at academic conferences.