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Summer School 2022:


Call for Applications

Summer School

Urban and Rural Resilience in Transnational Perspectives

Sunday, Sep. 11 – Thursday, Sep. 22, 2022

Tel Aviv University & Graduate School for Applied Research in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

The Summer School is a joint initiative of Tel Aviv University and the Graduate School for Applied Research in North Rhine-Westphalia (PK NRW) and is financially supported by the State Chancellery of NRW. The Summer School is aimed at graduate (doctoral and master’s) students from Tel Aviv University and doctoral students from PK NRW. Every discipline is welcome!



Resilience is a cross-cutting issue through science, society, and business and is highly relevant due to the current pandemic and geopolitical crises. Nevertheless, only very few courses of study are dedicated to this topic. The Summer School provides a unique opportunity to deal with the topic intensively in an interdisciplinary and intercultural way. At later stages of your academic journey, when you think of the highlights of your studies and your doctorate, this Summer School may be one of the most special experiences you will remember and cherish.



What about?

The subject of the Summer School will focus on the interdisciplinary consideration of resilience in urban and rural environments in the face of various transformation processes, such as:

  • Decision making in times of uncertainty
  • Urban dynamics
  • Climate change and weather extremes
  • Technical systems
  • Pandemic societal crises
  • Resource scarcity
  • Global supply chains
  • Sustainability    

Resilience is related to the individual, the community or the society. Resilient systems will be as well discussed as a conceptual model.




The first week of the Summer School will be held in North Rhine-Westphalia at different locations each day, and the following week will be conducted in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem / Israel. The group will consist of up to 10 students, each from Israel and NRW.




The program will start in the morning<s> </s>already mentioned, with a keynote presentation and will then proceed with group work discussions. Participants will contribute through short seminar presentations, role plays, blog posts and feedback rounds. Written and spoken communication will be held in English throughout the duration of the program. Participants should agree to the publication of their contributions as well as their pictures regarding the presentation of the results of the Summer School.


How much?

The cost of each student is 100 Euros (respectively 350 NIS) per person. The program will cover the costs of the round-trip airfare, rail tickets, hotel accommodation, meals, and excursions for approved applications.



What next?

Interested students may contact Dr. David Gilgen (david.gilgen(at) for more information by June 1, 2022. Furthermore, an info session about the program will be held on June 2nd, 14.00h.


How to apply?

Please send you application (topic “PK NRW / TAU Summer School 2022”) consisting of a CV and a short motivation letter by June 17, 2022 to: Dr. David Gilgen (david.gilgen(at)






For more information please see here!



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